About the Event


Do you know that wonderful invention that’s …

A simple yet oh-so-sophisticated machine;
A machine that manages to utilize the energy produced by human legs in the most efficient way;
A machine that changed the way we travel from place to place;
A machine, almost the only one, in which all the mechanisms are exposed, and therefore it serves as a wonderful platform for learning, fun and experiments;
An invention that influenced and inspired the entire field of transport in today’s world;
An invention that does not cease to keep engineers and designers busy with new and unique innovations, in Israel as well –

The Bicycle!

Largest ever in Israel! An international exhibition is opening to mark 200 years since the bicycle was invented! An experience for the entire family
The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem marks 200 years since the invention of the bicycle with a new exhibition. The exhibition includes dozens of interactive exhibits, historic and contemporary bicycles, video clips, graphics and more.

The exhibition regards the bicycle as a marvelous machine that originated in the 19th century with the invention of pedal-less bicycles, culminating in contemporary bicycles. A separate section of the exhibition deals with the human rider and our ability to learn to cycle. Another section of the exhibition deals with the marvelous machine and the surprising and novel mechanisms and technological revolutions it brought with it. There is also a section relating to the mutual influence of bicycles on urban and social changes: the late 19th century women’s liberation movement; the hippy movement; the 20th century invention of the mountain bike; the use of the bicycle in the third world; and current urban changes.

Innovation and inventiveness are closely intertwined in the exhibition: the invention of the airplane by the Wright brothers, who were bicycle manufacturers and repairmen; the invention of the automobile by the German, Benz, who fitted an engine onto a tricycle; and more.

Among the exhibition’s flagship exhibits: riding a bicycle that activates an animated video on bicycle evolution; riding virtual tracks in Israel and the world; riding in a wind tunnel at speeds of 70 km/h and more. Tours, demonstrations and construction workshops will take place daily at the museum.

Opening: July 1st, 2017. Closing: May 3rd, 2018.

To coordinate guided group activities, kindly contact: teum@mada.org.il

Exhibition curators:
Prof. Ido Bruno, Bezalel Academy of Art (industrial designer and riding enthusiast)
Dr. Amir Ben Shalom, Chief Exhibit Developer, Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

See you at the museum!

Workshops and shows

A variety of activities and shows for the whole family
at the Bloomfield Science Museum! 

Scientific demonstration, 3D nature movie, tours and a variety of enjoyable workshops.

3D Nature Film: Conquest of the Skies

The ability to fly is one of the greatest wonders in the natural world. Millions of creatures soar above our heads today, using a fabulous variety of techniques to defy gravity and master their aerial environment. But how did animals make the incredible transition from land to air?
Conquest of the Skies uses the very latest science and stunning special effects to uncover the 300-million-year story of flight—and it’s not simply about birds. Using advanced 3D filming technology we capture the beauty and excitement of the whole world of flying creatures, from the fastest predatory falcons to the most acrobatic of insects, night flyers like owls and bats, and the soaring and gliding specialists capable of traveling huge distances. You are invited to enter the truly amazing world of these remarkable animal aviators, and leave the theater both stunned by the spectacle and thrilled by the story of how animals rose up and conquered the skies Hebrew narration. (NIS 10 per ticket, above the age of 2 years old).

The 3D movie is being screened only during weekends, holidays, school vacations and special events( 22 mins).

all ages must obtain a ticket.

Fri Sat
12:00 13:00

Path – Road
A family-oriented tour. The tour will focus on the bicycle’s social aspects. Visitors will hear surprising stories of groundbreaking inventors, strange bicycle-building materials and interesting social initiatives. The tour will take place once every hour.

Bicycles – A Journey through Time
A tour for adults and fans – the stories behind the unique historic exhibits imported from collections all over the world, the inventors, and fascinating anecdotes. The tour will take place several times a day.


** There may be changes in the schedule. Please double check when you arrive at the museum.

Opening hours and prices

Museum Hours:
Sunday The museum is closed Sunday
Monday-Thursday  10:00-18:00  
Friday  10:00-14:00 Friday  
Saturday  10:00-17:00 Saturday  

Entrance fees:
Children (under the age 5)        FREE
Chidren (from the age 5 and older)       45 NIS
Adults       45 NIS
Adults / kids with “Yerushalmi” card        45 NIS
Families **      160 NIS
Soldiers, police, disabled persons and students      37 NIS
 Seniors 22.5 NIS

How to get here

Map – Directions

The Museum is located on 3 Sderat HaMuzeonim (3 museum blvd.), across The Hebrew University in Givat Ram, Jerusalem. Address for GPS – Jerusalem 3 Sderot HaMuzeonim

From Tel Aviv: at the entrance to the city turn right towards Sderot Herzl; on the second traffic light (before the hotels) turn left to Sderot Yitzhak Rabin; cross the Begin highway and turn right on Netanel Lorch St. Turn left at the traffic light and then quickly take the next right turn to the university. Take a left at the roundabout, – the museum will be on your left.

Free of charge – Museum parking lot (a few disabled parking spots)

Free of charge – Cosell parking lot outside the Museum

Paid parking (blue and white curb) – on Sderat HaMuzeonim.

Line 35 – from Mount Herzl or the Malha Mall and the Malha train station. Stops at the entrance to the Museum.

Line 14 – from the Central Bus Station to Malha. Stops at the entrance to the Museum.

Line 7 – leaves from Ramat Rachel, passes through downtown. Stops at the entrance to the Museum.

Line 9 – leaves from Eliash Street (between Agripas and Ben Yehuda), passes through Rehavia. Stops at the entrance to the Museum.

Line 66 – from Damascus Gate, through Musrara, downtown, and the Central Bus Station. Stops at the entrance to the Museum.

Line 68 – leaves from Mount Scopus, passes through Ramat Eshkol and the Central Bus
Station, and stop near the museum- get off at the JDC on Balfour St. (about 3 min walk).

Line 100 – direct bus from Tel Aviv:

The bus leaves from the Shafirim parking lot and goes directly to the Government Building Area. Free parking at the Shafirim parking lot in the Fast Lane Compound. Fast ride to Jerusalem through the express public transit lane at the entrance to the city. For more information on travel times see the Israeli Public Transit Portal.

Other bus lines that drive from Tel Aviv to the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem: 405, 480.

Get off at the last stop – Malha. Exit the station and take bus lines 14 or 66 to the Museum.

Buy tickets

Please note the following guidelines and restrictions:

  • Print the purchase confirmation email you received.
  • Present the purchase confirmation and your I.D. at the Museum entrance.
  • Arriving without a printout may cause a delay in entrance to the Museum.
  • Online ticket purchase is limited to tickets under the holiday and special events rate.
  • Discounted tickets (for “Yerushalmi” card holders, senior citizens, soldiers, police officers, students, disabled) – only at the museum ticket office.
  • Only one discount can be applied.